Free Ringtones!

I have had a lot of fun making my own ringtones. It doesn't work with all phones but it does with mine. Anyone interested in trying it here is how.

  • Download Wavepad free!!
  • Then you can record clips while you play them from itunes, youtube, etc.
  • Cut it down to about 25 sec
  • Save it (different phones will work better with different type file. Test a few to see what works best for your phone.)
  • Attach the file to an email and email it to your phone. (Verizon is
  • With my old phone I had an option to save as ring tone when I open the message. My new phone I save it as a music file and then I can use the file as a ring tone.

Super cool! You can also send pictures to your phone!

I LiNk uP hERe...

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