This summer while I am off work, I have been putting together a Nursery. I searched online for inspiration, and dual purpose  furniture. This is what I've found...

Glider/recliner: As I was searching online for a chair I saw San-Marco by Ashly Furniture. While I was on my way to Ashley Furniture I made a few stops. I found myself at another furniture store that happened to have the exact chair on sale for less money. This chair is not what I was expecting to get, but I love that it reclines. I know that there will probably be some late night that I'll end up falling asleep in this comfy chair. Leather is great for spit-up too. The down fall is that the arm rests are low. I usually like them to be higher to help support holding the baby, but I feel like using a boppy or pillow will work. ...hopefully because I already bought it.

Tissue paper pom poms: I discovered these on Imperfectly Beautiful. This will be perfect above the chair. The baby will have a clear view from the crib or the chair. I think they tie into the circle theme of this room. I didn't want you to look at the room and be overstimulated by polka dots, but I tried to have it be cohesive by repeating the circle around the room.

Hand tree: I made one of these hand trees ...except the hand print (That will have to wait until there is a cute little hand to trace). I found this when I was the director of a day care and was looking for cute crafts for the children to do. I saved the picture but last week I finally found were it came from. I love it!

Book Basket: I found this basket at Hobby Lobby. I love the idea of some books being next to the chair and on the ground where baby is likely to pick them up. 

ABC's & 123's: I finished the ABC's and 123's. If I end up having a girl I may rip off a few letters and replace them in a pink color. but I am so happy with the way it turned out. (click for more details)

Shelf: I really wanted low shelving that allows a very small child to access the toys and learn to pull up on. I searched for something that had dual purposes because it won't be needed for this purpose very long. This shelf from IKEA is perfect because it can be used horizontal or vertical.

Play Mat:  I love this play mat that I found at Ross. (I actually bought more than one set to make it larger) I knew I wanted a rug in this room to protect the carpet from baby things like spit-up. When I saw this at Ross I was happy knowing it was a lot less money than a traditional rug, it would protect the floor from baby, an it will protect baby from hard falls as they learn to pull up, and walk. Also love the dual purpose. My baby will love switching out the patterns, and building with this later on.

Crib: I love the Ocean crib from Baby's Dream.  I have searched and searched to be sure... and I am 99% sure this is it. At work most of the cribs have the side rail like this, but the evacuation cribs are the kind that slide up/down. I really do prefer the side rail like this. It is so much easier to put up without waking the baby up.  I love this dark color (but it does come in white), and the fact that it has simple clean lines but it's not too boring. It also does convert to a toddler bed, and a twin bed.

Baby name art: I found this idea on Imperfectly Beautiful. When It first pop up on my Google reader, it was before the thought of putting together a nursery. I stared it thinking it would be a cute way to display a last name. Now I am so excited about hanging my baby's name above the crib this way. I used burlap for my fabric and I painted the hoop black. I learned how to make an iron on stencil using freezer paper from It's a Daisy Day (Click for tutorial). I plan on making letter stencils to help paint the letters right on the burlap.

Bedding: As I looked for inspiration for the crib set I found two that did just that.

I love the colors of the Marlo crib bedding from Serena and Lily, but I'm not so much a fan of the rooster theme... or the price of $969!! I love love love the patten of the Ty Pennington style dots bed in a bag set from sears. I even love the colors, but not for this room.
For my birthday, my mom got me the perfect fabric, ribbon and Make the Cut software. That will allow me to make the perfect mix. I used photoshop to make a pattern similar to what is on the pillows.

Using the Make the Cut software, the Cricut will cut the design out of freezer paper. Freezer paper can then be ironed onto fabric for the perfect stencil. Then I'll just paint it on for a silkscreen look. I tried to use photoshop to see what my hybrid will look like in the crib(above), but I will definitely post when I finish this project.


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I am in LOVE with the nursery already! Cannot wait to see it all put together.


Ellie said...

I can see your vision and can't wait to see it come to fruition!

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