Shaving Cream Bags

This is a fun activity to learn colors. The children get just as excited about this as they do with messy activities... but it's clean. :)

  • Fill a zip lock bag half way with shaving cream (If it is too full, it will pop open).
  • Put a few drops of two different colors of food coloring in the bag (like: blue and yellow).
  • Push the air out of the bag and close it. (You can add tape or an extra bag if you think your child will try and open the bag.)
  • Encourage the child to manipulate the bag and discover the colors.
  • As the child gets excited about the colors appearing and changing, reflect back their words and add labels for the colors. (An older child will learn the science behind primary and secondary colors.)


Katie said...

I have seen the colored shaving cream, but bagging it is a nice fix to keep it clean!

Martianne said...

I've seen this done with hair gel and conditioners. Shaving cream is a good idea, too.

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