Indy Sauce

My new Aunt Indy is a fabulous cook! She made dinner for the whole family and the thing everyone kept raving about was the zucchini in a creamy sauce. When we asked how she made it I found out the secret was the type of cheese. She used a mexican cheese called " Cotija". (Some stores have it with the specialty cheeses and others have it by the cream cheese. )

To make the sauce she just sautéed onions and peppers then added Sour cream and shredded Cotija cheese. She poured it over cooked zucchini but said it is great on anything. And it really is so good on ANYTHING! I like to dip garlic bread in it. I like it with pasta, I like it with vegetables. I like it with meat. ...I think it would even be great on a pizza. Above I have it with asparagus, sausage and pasta and it is soooo yummy!!! 

Thank you Indy! I feel like such a good cook now that I know about Cotija cheese. 

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