Getting toddlers to overcome Fears (Nursery)

  • Get a few clips of whatever your child fears.
  • Come up with a simple song or rhyme that talks about what it is, what to expect, and that it is safe.
  • Put them together using something like imovie.
  • And allow your child to view in an environment they are comfortable in.

 I did this to help my daughter get used to the idea of going to nursery and it was amazing!!! It took only two weeks till she was requesting to go to nursery! Now I plan on doing this for other obstacles we are facing.

Ladybug has always been overstimulated easily. She gets very anxious in new situations so as she approached 18 months (when she would be old enough for nursery during church) I thought I would go in and help her get used to it. Even with me no suggesting that I leave her, she held on for dear life.  And 6 months later she still was very scared about the whole thing.

Ok so this is what my degree is all about... So I put on my thinking cap and pondered and prayed, how can I help her feel calm and safe in nursery.  I thought well she loves anything she sees on Signing Time maybe I'll call up Rachel Coleman and ask her to do an episode about nursery (and knowing that wasn't possible). So I thought I could do it on my own. I'll ask the nursery leaders to record a few clips of it so she is familiar with it and come up with a song that helps her understand what to expect, and that she will be safe even if her mom isn't there. I know Rachel would have done a better job especially when it comes to the singing... but I also know that it didn't matter to Ladybug if I had the best voice in the world.

So we started watching this video and the first week I gave her the option if she wanted to go to nursery or sit with mom in her class. She did choose to sit with me in class, but when my responsibilities were over we went into nursery and she was excited and started singing the Nursery song. 
The next week she went right in and when we were done the leaders were so surprised they asked what we did. Well, just followed the signing time format of learning and now she feels like it is great! She even asks for nursery during the week.

Nursery is a special place. It's a place we play with friends.
We play with toys and we all take turns, until play time ends.
We play with puzzles, and eat some food, and sing songs together.
Our leaders teach us and keep us safe. And that's why nursery is special!

I did mention that the idea came from seeing how well she learns from Signing Time and I just wanted to put a little plug in for them. They are not paying me to say any of this: I just have been so blessed by it. My almost 2 year old talks soooo much. She has hundreds of books and songs memorized (minus filler words). She knows all her letters (signs, uppercase, and lowercase), and what sound they make. She can count to 20. She knows dozens of animals, and objects, and verbs. ...It is cute and I am amazed at how smart she is, but I appreciate it more because she can tell me what she is thinking and wanting and when she is hurting.

The makers of signing time are starting a new show for older children Rachel and the Treeschoolers. I am so excited about it and am super thrilled that they are asking for backers to help them fund this amazing series. And if you help them they reward you with a copy of the episodes or more (depending on how much you contribute).  If you have young children you really should check it out!

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