3 oz. bottle root beer extract
9 cups sugar
4 ¾ gallons of luke warm water
½ tsp. dried yeast

Pour root beer extract over sugar. Mix well and dissolve in 4 ¾ gallons of luke warm water. Mix dried yeast in a pint of luke warm water, and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Add the yeast mixture to the solution of sugar, extract and water. Mix well and pour into bottles immediately. Cap bottles. Place bottles on their sides in a warm place (70º to 80º) for one week. Move bottles to a cool place. Refrigerate before drinking.

“This was a favorite of V.O.’s family. He told the story of a time when he hid a few bottles from the rest of his family. His secret stash was discovered when the lids popped off due to the built up pressure and root beer exploded over everything.” – Nadine

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