2 cups boiling water 2 grated lemon peel
1 ¼ cups sugar ½ cup lemon juice
½ cup corn starch 1/8 tsp. salt
4 egg yolks 1 tsp. butter

Combine sugar, corn starch and lemon peel. Add boiling water. Cook until mixture begins to thicken. Add beaten egg yolks. Add some of the hot mixture to the eggs first so it won’t go lumpy. Add salt, butter and last stir in lemon juice and set off to cool. When cooled put in baked pie shell and top with meringue.

Meringue: 4 egg whites
½ tsp. baking powder
½ cup sugar

“My Mom wrote the following directions for me when I was a newlywed.”
- Nadine

“Add baking powder to the egg whites and beat the egg whites until they set up pretty good then start adding the sugar gradually until the egg white sets up in peaks. Spread on to the filling which has been cooled, spread the meringue clear to the crust so it clings to the crust. Bake in a med. hot oven until brown. Some say real hot oven is better, I don’t know, I’ve tried both. I’ve had just as good luck with hot as in a colder oven. Oh, yes add salt too. The baking powder is supposed to be the secret to delicious meringues. I’m beginning to think it’s in having the filling cooled first. If it is warm the meringue gets tear drops on it.”- Emma

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