Potted meat – straight from the can
Pork rinds
Vienna Sausages
Pickled pig Hocks
Sardines – any flavor
Raw potatoes
Beef Jerky
Vegetables straight from the garden:
Sugar snap peas
Radishes – wipe clean, and plopped whole thing into mouth
Turnips – wiped clean, sliced with his pocket knife.
Tomatoes – sliced and seasoned heavily with salt and pepper.

“Dad had a few things like Potted Meat that were a treat to him, but strange to most people. It seems to me that he often indulged in his special treats when he was traveling, or when mom wasn’t home. Some of his favorites were Potted Meat, Pork Rinds, Vienna Sausages, Salome, and Sardines.”

"I acquired a taste for my dads special treats. These foods are all things I buy and eat regularly. Every time I buy them, and eat them, I think of my dad. Images of us eating these foods always play in my mind."

"A vivid memory I have is of dad using his pocket knife to slice Salome one bite at a time. One of us kids would find Dad slicing off bites of Salome and one by one we would gather, and he took turns handing us a slice. Small piece for Ned, big one for Dad, small one for Frank, big one for Dad, small one for DJ, big one for Dad, and down the line until we each had a piece and it circled back. (I am sure Dad didn't really have a slice between each kid, but he did have more bites and bigger ones that us.)."

"With 8 kids, dads favorite treats disappeared fast. I seem to remember finding him tucked away in a quiet kitchen with a can of Vienna sausages, potted meat or one of his other special treats. We would say "Dad can I have a bite." He would say, "Sure" as he tried to maintain a low profile. Some times he would tease and say, "No you don't want any potted meat (or Vienna Sausages). Do you know what it is made out of? Then he would look at the label and say "cow brains and tongue, pig guts and eyeballs, spiders, horse hooves, liver, toes”. As he tried to grouse us out he ate another bite. We didn't know for sure if he was telling the truth. But he liked it, so brains, guts, and eyeballs must not be bad." – Ned

“I love to eat sardines, just like my dad. My wife lets me eat them whenever I want to eat outside.” - DJ

“Every once in a while I buy some pigs feet and think I’ll eat them just because my dad liked them. But every time I do, I think to myself that they really aren’t good and I don’t know why my dad liked them. I eat them occasionally purely for the shock factor. I get great reactions. People seem to think the thought of eating pig’s feet is disgusting. I agree, but I don’t let on to them that I do. It’s just a fun game I play. – Frank

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