WHATS (popped wheat)

Soak wheat for three days – rinse two times a day, each time until water is clear.
After soaking, let wheat set out over night in a colander to dry. (This just cuts down on grease splatter).

Cover stove area with newspaper to lessen the clean up time. Ventilate cooking area well and close doors to as many rooms as you can to keep house from smelling like cooked oil.

To Pop Wheat:
Heat oil to 400º (Use a thermometer, don’t do a second batch until oil is back up to 400º.Place 1 cup wheat in metal colander and emerge in oil till wheat stops popping. Place popped wheat on paper towels to cool. Sprinkle with popcorn salt or Lawry’s seasoning salt.

“I learned to make these at a Relief Society Homemaking meeting when living in West Jordan. The lesson was on how to use your food storage. They were making them by the spoonful in a frying pan. Later you could buy them commercially under the name Whats, so that’s where we got the name.”
– Nadine

“This has become a holiday treat. Mom and Frank fry up a huge batch to give out to friends and family for the holidays. My husband, Jeremy, looks forward to it every Christmas.” – Patrice

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