These are a few of my favorite things...

Mary Kay foundation is not just my favorite foundation, it is the only foundation that I can use daily without eczema taking over my face. It is a light coverage that leaves me feeling like I'm not using makeup, and looking like I have beautiful skin. ...hopefully :)

When my Aunt Becky lived with us she let me use her Oil of Olay Moisturizer. It is my favorite for my face. Every lotion that I tried before this, triggered eczema on my face, but this doesn't. :) They also have a formula that has sunscreen in it. This lotion moisturizes with out feeling oily. The Mary Kay brand also works, but I it is more expensive.

Dove soap is another thing that Becky turned me onto. It is the best for my skin type. When I use a different soap my skin is dry and itchy.  And this is all I need to wash my face. My skin stays clearer when I use my Dove soap.

I love my Chi blow drier. Karla gave me this for my birthday and I was surprised how fast my hair is dried with it. ... and it is so much quieter than my old one. I don't remember how it works, but it is supposed to be gentler on your hair than a regular blow drier.

When Brooke got a Chi Iron, I remember thinking her hair was sooo beautiful! I got a flat iron and it didn't really work as well. One day she gave me a little make over with this great tool. I was surprised how it slid through my hair. It worked faster and better. well, it wasn't long before I decided to invest in one... and I do mean invest. It was a little pricey, but a good use for that 20% off coupon that comes every month for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Silk Therapy is a must. Brooke got this for me one year for christmas and I was shocked how my hair instantly felt smoother!! You only use a tiny tiny bit of this, so it lasts a long time, but I have bought two more bottles since the original gift.

I have started using Biolage a long time ago. I have tried several different products since then but always find myself going back to the Biolage. I simply love the smell. Is that silly?

I used to use Secret deodorant but when I stared having to shave, I got painful razor burn that would last about a week. I know it is gorse, but it made me not want to bother shaving at all. When I tried Dove deodorant (another product suggested from Becky), the rash was less sever and went away faster.

What are some of your favorite things? (beauty, cooking, cleaning)

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