Nature Walk Collage

clear contact paper

Go on a nature walk and have children collect leaves. Cut out two pieces of contact paper. Tape one on the table sticky side up. Have children place leaves on the contact paper. When they are done put the second piece of contact paper as a backing. These are great to hang in the window where the light will come through.

I LiNk uP hERe...


RedTedArt said...

OH we love collecting things on our nature walks and then making something when we get home. Have a pile of bark and sticks to do something with as I type!

Do stop by over our way and join in Kid's Get Crafty! Would love to see you there.. (every Wednesday)


Red Ted Art

RedTedArt said...

"Thank you" for stopping by!! So pleased to have you join in Kids Get Crafty!!!

See you again next week?

Maggy, Red Ted Art

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