Veggie tray soup

After we had some family over, we had leftover veggies from a veggie tray. I decided that I could use our Broccoli Soup recipe to make a veggie soup. 

1 onion, diced
¼ cup celery, diced
¼ cup carrot, sliced

¼ cup butter 

Sauté above ingredients until tender, then add:

1 can chicken broth
4 bunches of tips of broccoli

Stir well before adding:
5 cups (32 oz) milk (original recipe calls for half and half or whole milk, but I didn't have that)
salt and pepper to taste

Mix 1 cup milk with 5 Tbsp. of flour, cook until thick then add to soup.

I had some left over cheddar cheese that we mixed in as well.

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