Infant Sensory

After we had so much fun with the bubble foam blowers,
I decided to make an effort to have discovery time. I found a list of 107 things to put in a sensory table from The Crafty Teacher here.

Here are just a few that caught my eye:

4. Rice - which can be colored with food coloring if desired
5. Pasta - one kind or a mix; can also be colored
6. Snow
10. Sod
11. Homemade silly putty
12. Jello - make a few large pans of it and dump it in
13. Cereal
14. Sugar or salt
16. Easter grass
18. Ice cubes or crushed ice, or a large block of ice
19. Shredded documents - from a regular or cross-cut shredder
31. Feathers
32. Applesauce
33. Cotton balls
34. Strips of bubble wrap - you can buy it in large rolls
37. Cooked spaghetti - add a little oil to keep it from sticking
38. Curling ribbon
41. Confetti
44. "Oobleck" - equal parts cornstarch and water
49. Potato flakes (dehydrated)

(Not all of them are safe for young children. I tend to let my child play with things that are "choking hazards" if I am right there guiding her to play with her hands only. You decide what is safe for your child.)

You really should check out the link! We have had so much fun. :)

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