Infant Hair Accessories

I love making bows that match my baby's outfit perfectly.

A little hint is to keep the ribbon that is tied around blankets or outfits you buy. I was so excited when my mom gave me this outfit with gray and white stripes because I had the ribbon that matched exactly.

I think most people have seen how to make Lace flowers. If not,  here is a good tutorial from 

{Wire} Ribbon Flowers: It is very easy to make them with wire edge ribbon. Just pull on the wire to cinch up one end. Pay close attention to make sure the wire doesn't pull out the other side. Then you wrap it around just like the lace flowers. 
If the ribbon doesn't have wire just use a needle and thread to weave in and out of one side. Then pull  to cinch it up and create that wavy affect. 

I made Fabric Flowers from an old sheet using this method from Homemade Gifts Made Easy

I was playing with ribbon one day and realized I could make {Knot} Ribbon Flowers. I started by making one tight knot at the end and then about 12 loose knots. Then I just wrap it around the tight knot and work my way out using hot glue as I go.

My mom recently bought us some bows that were on baby snap clips and I love them because they are flat against baby's head and someday when her hair comes back in we can use them right in her hair. So I ordered some on Amazon that work out to be less than $0.10 a piece... then when I counted to make sure they sent me enough they had sent extra (about 155 instead of 144). I bought a lot thinking it will make a good baby shower gift. 

I also love these headbands because there is enough room to clip a few for a flowers and make the perfect color cluster. And you can get the set of 16 for less than $9.00 on Amazon. :)

There are so many ways to make flowers. I have a whole pin board dedicated to hair accessories. 

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